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Use of bio-fertilizer promotes the development and yield capacity of Angelica dahurica

Mankind relied on naturally available resources before the advent of modern science and technology. Advancement in technology has helped medical science find a cure for previously untreatable diseases. Modern techniques in medical science have shifted the focus from sole prevention to treatment of diseases. Modern medical science has helped secure life and increase life-span.

Medical treatments using natural resources and plants has been a tradition for hundreds of years. Technological advancements and modern techniques can be adapted readily by developed countries. Many developing countries still rely on hundreds of years old traditional medicinal treatments. The benefits of plants in traditional medicinal techniques are countless.

Vietnamese is one country where traditional medicine is still predominant. The use of plants in traditional medicine provides many benefits like analgesia and anti-inflammation. These properties help treat many common diseases like fever, headache, toothache, menopause, and myalgia.

Traditional medicine has been suitable in the absence of modern techniques. Modern science has helped in the progression of life. The abundance of facilities has helped an increase in population. Naturally available resources cannot sustain the needs of the growing population on their own.

Chemical fertilizers and growth-promoting substances are used to facilitate and increase the yield of plants. Angelica dahurica is an essential medicinal plant being used in Vietnamese traditional medicine. Its crop is often affected by the overuse of chemical fertilizers in order to meet the growing demand. The use of growth-promoting substances reduces the quality of products. Vietnam is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is essential for the country’s exports to be of the same quality as products from other countries. The use of less chemical fertilizers and other substances can reduce the yield and affect export quantity.

Ha Thi Thanh Doan and Viet Cao proposed using organic fertilizers in place of excessive chemical substances to increase the yield of Angelica dahurica. They collected their samples from the National Institute of Medicinal Materials, Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi for the research study. They concluded that the use of biofertilizers showed a positive effect on growth and yield. Their findings were published in the Asian Journal of Plant Sciences.

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