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Mushroom cures depression

JAMA Psychiatry reported on 4 November that the two-dose of the psychedelic drug lowers the symptoms of depression among the patients. The research team pointed out, “ it was amazing how drastically the hallucinogenic mushroom controlled the depression among the patients.”

The mushroom has a key ingredient known as psilocybin, a compound that actively alters the consciousness and causes euphoria. Roland Griffiths, a neuro pharmacologist believes, “ this compound can be an excellent alternative to the anti-depressive drugs.” Compared to Psilocybin, patients reported that the prescribed anti-depressive only works 30-50% time with late effects.

Jay Oslon at Harvard University commented, “ despite exceptional recoveries, the findings are not applicable worldwide and requires further evidence.”

Thus, to prove efficacy of Psilocybin, the authors conducted a study on severely depressed patients. Researchers compared the medicated patients with therapy ones to establish authentic evidence.

The findings pointed out substantial ease of depression among the Psilocybin treated patients compared to the ones on anti-depressives and therapy. However, many Psilocybin cured patients underwent remission after the end of treatment. Griffith and Olson claimed that the positive attitude of the patients was one of the covariates to likely influence the recovery with no particular significance.

Irrespective of findings, physicians continued prescribing Psilocybin especially to cancer patients with depression. Similarly, in 2016, Lancet’s psychiatry published supporting evidence displaying effective control of depression among 12 people using psilocybin with therapy. The outcomes of these studies were astonishing and remarkable, which gave hope for better developments in the future.

 Thus, many psychologists such as Monnica William recommended further studies related to the particular drug. The authors believe the future studies should account for the people of color to identify the safety and suitability of the drug for targeted people.

The studies were an eye-opener for people to alter their lifestyle and diets, intriguing them to intake better food supplements such as mushroom to prevent depression.

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