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Scientist Uncovers Mars as a Habitable Planet

4 billion years ago, NASA reported a high magnitude flood wash over the Gale crater on Mars equator. The discovery was significant enough to indicate life on the planet. Scientists from Jackson State University reported, “the curiosity rover discovered pieces and deposits from the giant flood in Gale Crater, which reflected the implications of climatic changes over Mars.”

Alberto G. Fairen,the astrobiologist,analyzed the sedimentological data and commented, “ the deposits from the mega floods were unlike any other gathered orbiter objects.” He added, “ the flood impact had a meteoritic heat and released compact structures like ice on the Martian land.”

The geological structure found on the Martian surface showed a resemblance to the Earth surface 2 billion years ago.

Ezat Heydari exclaimed, “interestingly, the giant waved shape structure on crater termed as 30 feet high megaripples (antidunes) found conveyed the message of a similar origin.”

Furthermore, the mega flooding provided evidence of the melting of ice caps on the Martian surface due to heat impact, which caused to release of water vapors, carbon dioxide, and methane from the ice reservoirs. This ultimately led to the formation of a water cycle due to the precipitation and condensation process on the red planet.

Thus, scientists established that Mars originally had lakes present, which is a good indicator for microbial life on the planet. Thus, Fairen stated, “ sedimentary deposits over the Mount sharp profoundly indicates previous existence of life because the conditions were suitable and active geologically.”

However, the question still arises whether there were inhabitants earlier and if there were what had happened to them. Therefore, to obtain an answer to these questions, the scientist again aims to launch a rover from Cape Canaveral on 30 July 2021.

Thus, Fairen concluded, “From the geological point of view, Mars can hover inhabitants based on its active conditions”

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