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Importance of breakfast for students

The human body requires adequate nutrition at regular intervals for proper functioning. The nutritional requirements and nutritional status varies for different age groups. It is based on both the needs of the body and food consumption. In children, acceptable feeding practices facilitate the developmental process. At older ages, strictly healthy choices in the diet are essential for a good lifestyle. Adolescence and middle ages require extra energy for an active lifestyle. In such age groups, adequate nutrition along with the timing of meals, is very important. The body needs induction of energy before setting off for a day full of work. A meal after ending the day cannot replenish the energy effectively. The body uses up stored energy for the active job leading to low blood glucose levels. Continued unhealthy eating habits can affect strength in the long term.

Breakfast is the most important meal in adolescents and those with active lifestyles. It provides the body with abundant carbohydrates to power through the day. The composition of breakfast is as important as its timing. A breakfast rich in carbohydrates and protein will provide energy for the day. Breakfast with high-fat content will store fat and create less workforce in the body. This leads to a population with regular eating habits and bad health status. Awareness and education about the importance of breakfast are more important in adolescents. Eating habits during an active lifestyle determine the course of health for older ages as well. Adolescents with good eating habits are less likely to develop obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases. The incidence of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases is reduced in populations with healthy dietary habits.

Skipping of breakfast also poses a risk for current infections in adolescents. The use of stored energy and its ineffective replenishment can cause low immunity. In such populations, simple bacterial infections that are otherwise treatable can prove fatal.

Indonesia is a major country suffering from malnutrition in toddlers. Various studies had been conducted to understand and help improve the 19.6% malnutrition rate in toddlers. A research study led by Dina Keumala Sari from the University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, showed the relation between adolescent obesity and missed breakfast in the diet. Hence, researchers have concluded that breakfast has the utmost importance in the human diet and is crucial to avoid health complications.

The original research work is published in the Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

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