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Early Diagnosis of Covid-19 Minimize the Possibility of Cross-Infection

‘Coronavirus disease 2019’ is abbreviated as ‘COVID-19’, also known as the COVID or coronavirus, is a pandemic disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. This contiguous virus has hastily spread around the world, causing the exponential surge of COVID-19 cases and devastating the health systems globally. The first case of COVID was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Observed symptoms of COVID are varying with every passing day but major symptoms are cough, fever, headache, breathing difficulties, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell. Symptoms may start one to fourteen days after exposure to the virus.

According to Oran and Topol (2021), one-third of people who are infected do not develop noticeable symptoms, of those people who develop obvious symptoms enough to be classed as patients, most (81%) develop mild to moderate symptoms, while 14% develop severe symptoms. Only 5% of patients engage with critical symptoms including respiratory failure, multi-organ dysfunction, and shock.

Some people continue to experience a range of side effects for months after recovery, and damage to vital organs has been observed. Transmission of this disease arises when an infected person is in close contact with other people. The virus can spread from small droplets from an infected person’s nose and mouth as they breathe, sneeze, cough, speak.

Preventive measures include quarantining, social distancing, covering coughs and sneezes, ventilation of indoor spaces, hand washing, and keeping unwashed hands away from the face. The use of face masks has been recommended in public settings to minimize the risk of spread. Several vaccines have been developed and many countries have initiated mass vaccination campaigns.

Healthcare workers engaged with the treatment of COVID patients are largely infected by this Virus.

They are facing unprecedented problems during the treatment of COVID patients. Their major concern is how to prevent in-hospital transmission of COVID-19 infection, which is derived from unknown infected or suspected cases of COVID 19 that hospitalized for other diseases? Binh and Loan (2021) presented a hospital strategy for the management of COVID patients in Hue University Hospital, Hue University, Vietnam. They recommended that early differential diagnosis of COVID-19 is very important while the early differential diagnosis of COVID-19 plays a very important role in providing prompt management for patients and reducing the possibility of cross-infection, which may worsen the condition of their underlying diseases.

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